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So, your client has asked about physiotherapy…

September 20, 2019

Physiotherapy is important for clients if they want to gain full control over their body and improve their physical health. It’s a crucial path to consider if you have ever been injured and left with physical challenges. Not only does physiotherapy aim to fix your injuries and eliminate the pain, but it is designed to help prevent further damage in the future.

As a personal trainer, your clients may be looking to you for advice regarding their injuries. You may not be able to fix the problem, but you can at least tell them where they need to go for the correct advice.

Who can receive physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is available to anyone who needs it, and it is free to those who have been referred by their GP. However, you can also opt for private treatment through a self-referral if you have any urgent concerns. Your clients may approach you about their injuries before taking any further steps, so having the knowledge to help them make a decision is beneficial.

What is physiotherapy used for?

Joint pain, bone pain and soft tissue problems are the most common reasons behind physiotherapy. This includes:

  • General aches and pains
  • Sports injuries
  • Brain or nervous system issues
  • Heart circulation or blood flow issues
  • Problems with movement
  • Lung and breathing problems

What are some physiotherapy techniques?

  • Electrotherapy
  • Acupuncture
  • Massage
  • Exercise, such as Pilates

These methods are quite popular choices for many physiotherapists, but the treatment you will receive depends on the diagnosis. This is why it’s important that your clients speak with an expert instead of picking at random.

Understanding the difference between a physiotherapist and a personal trainer

It’s important for your clients to realise that although you are there to improve their fitness and wellbeing, you are not a healthcare professional. Physiotherapy is a science-based profession and focuses more on balance issues, orthopaedic or musculoskeletal injuries. It’s important that if your client has come to you for help with their injury, you lead them to their GP or a private physiotherapist. They will truly appreciate the fact that you want what is best for them.

Be the best PT you can be with Fit2Train

By sending your clients to a physiotherapist for the injuries, you are showing them that you really do care. As a result, they will return to you when they are ready, and will likely recommend you to their friends. To continue providing the best service possible, stay up to date with your training. With a range of courses from Fit2Train, you can provide your clients with a valuable service. Email us at to learn more about our courses available from entry-level two up-to advanced level four.

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