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Spring Steps to Boost Client Morale

March 22, 2022

The sun is out and the days are longer – allowing for trainers to take opportunities to guide their clients to a much better focus on their fitness plans. Whilst it may feel quite the hurdle to get them out of their winter solstice blues and funk, it is possible to get them engaged, energized, and loving fitness activities with a more tailored workout plan.

Provide Variety

The best start to getting your clients back into the right mindset is to give them choice – that being the choice of a variety of workout options. Clients don’t like the thought of doing the same thing every time because it gets mundane and they don’t feel any improvement.

This would lead to them getting bored quickly or even leading to injury by using the same muscles over and over. If they were on a routine previously, it is time to mix things up and provide something fresh in the workout. This can be switching kettles for dumbbells or using a timer instead of counting reps for small instances, or changing locations and adding some extra people to the sessions to gain a group mentality. Those who train together, work together for the goals.

Taking Time to Listen

Your client will have their reasons for their struggle to get back into things. You must have more talks upfront in identifying where they are struggling to get engaged. This allows you to adjust your training sessions to keep them committed.

Look for body language and behaviours such as apprehension at stepping out of their comfort zone, complaining about things that are too hard and making excuses for skipping various activities. They can also be distracted by wanting to take more breaks than usual or constantly checking their phone. By having some conversations in earlier sessions to ease them back into the grind, you are keeping communication channels open for them to be open with you about their feelings and struggles that they are masking over.

Focus on Fun

Showing a fun side to your training of clients does more for mental wellbeing and supports a client’s commitment to continue.

This can be anything simple from creating a playlist to work out with to offering rewards or certificates for achievements. You can also make games from your sessions, such as rolling a dice to determine the next exercise or more schoolyard style activities like hula hoops or jump ropes.

Sometimes a client just needs to feel young again and you can be the best part of their week in achieving that.

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