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The importance of telling your clients to rest over Christmas

December 11, 2019

Christmas is a time where many of us choose to indulge and taking time off from the gym is often seen as a bad thing. But in the fitness world, indulgence leads to high levels of guilt. It can be tempting for your clients to overcompensate by hitting the gym harder than usual, but we all know that fitness should not be built on guilt. It isn’t healthy to view exercise as a punishment for indulging and no one should push their bodies beyond their capabilities to make up for one too many mince pies. So, what can you do to encourage your clients to put more focus on enjoying the holidays?

Embrace the lack of schedule

Each day of the year is spent watching the clock. From getting up for work to getting public transport at certain times, even life outside of the gym is set to a routine. Christmas should be a time for us to let this go and simply enjoy being in the moment and taking time off from the gym is part of that!

Spend time with family

It can be difficult getting the family together throughout the year, which is why Christmas is a time for no excuses! Yes, they may be annoying at times, but spending quality time with family is far more important than fitting in half an hour at the gym.

Rest the body

This is probably the most important reason to step away from the gym over Christmas. The body is tired! Resting is a crucial step to improving your health, even if you think the Christmas period is too long. It allows the body to replenish energy and repair any damaged tissues. Your clients can also use this time to review their workout plan and take note of any progress they have made since the last break they took.

It won’t ruin your goals

Taking a week off isn’t going to undo all the hard work you’ve put in this year. When you’re consistent with your training schedule 80% of the time, it’s more than ok to allow yourself the other 20% to completely sack it off. A couple of days on the sofa isn’t going to make any kind of noticeable difference to your fitness levels – so you can cross that worry off your list.

Give the mind a break

For many, fitness is therapy. It is a way to escape reality and help reduce and stress and anxiety. But while the release of endorphins can certainly boost your mood, exercising is a stimulant and can fry your brain slightly.

Intense workouts can actually increase the levels of the stress hormone cortisol in your body. This can cause mood swings, irritability, sleep problems and other health issues if under tremendous amounts of stress.

So, it is important to remember that fitness is about balance. Taking time away is just as healthy as it is to push yourself as long as both go hand in hand.

Reinvigorate for the New Year

Over-training can also be exhausting, which is why working out too much can become a resentful hobby. The positivity in exercising can be lost and it can soon become a chore, which is why it helps to take time away every now and then, particularly at Christmas!

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