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The All or Nothing Mindset

March 31, 2022

No two clients are the same, which means it is typical for them not to respond to the same approach when it comes to personal fitness. However, they can be similar in the kind of barriers they face and how they approach them in mindset.

Clients experience plenty of barriers and it will either prevent them from moving forward towards their intended goal or it will make them fall into a continuous state of starting over. This is all connected to the client’s mindset instead of their physical limitations or behaviour.

Conquering the First Step

The all or nothing mindset is an irrational and harmful thought pattern interfering with a client’s progress towards their intended goal. It serves to reinforce negative feelings that alter the way that clients will view experiences they have.

This forces the ‘I either do well, or I fail’ statements made by clients. As fitness professionals, our job is to coach clients and help them to realise that those very thought patterns are present and how to restructure them. This can be achieved by encouraging them to journal and track their negative thoughts and statements, and teaching them to identify when it happens.

You could spend an entire session working through their thoughts together. Being both empathetic and reflective on their findings builds a strong foundation.

Good vs Bad

We have to extend patience towards clients when they experience diet culture detox. Food is the body’s source of fuel, joy and celebration – and we have to teach clients what various foods offer towards their progress and allow them to make conscious efforts on how much they consume.

Sharing credible sources with clients and engaging them in conversations about the safe way to diet and shift eating focus helps to ease their thought patterns in a healthy and positive direction.

The Outcome

The most common preventer for clients is the focus on the outcome. In most cases, the focus is the weight loss and not the fat loss – and there is a significant difference.

We have the chance to encourage meaningful goal-setting that is more focused on the process and behaviours that clients can follow to result in the outcome they are wanting to achieve. Asking the client to inform you of the why and how behind their goal allows you to better guide the client in setting goals effectively on how the process works and why workouts help to achieve the goal.

Helping clients modify these barriers into progressive thoughts and steps towards their ultimate goal is key to a successful working relationship on their fitness journey. Contact the team at Fit2Train today for personal trainer courses Cardiff and personal training courses Plymouth.

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