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The Myths of Personal Training

June 24, 2019

If you are considering a career in personal training, there are many assumptions you may have or have heard. This week, we shall put a few of these rumours to rest so you know exactly what to expect from pursuing a PT career.

The qualification makes you perfect for the role

The qualification allows you to safely begin your career, but that’s where it ends. In order to be truly successful, you must create a service that meets the needs of your clients and more. You should work on improving the services you offer and keep the experience enjoyable. Your qualification is an essential step forward, but it’s not the entire journey.

Sales is a no-go

How can you gain a client if you don’t sell? You can’t simply throw a few social media posts and hope for the best. Selling is an old but effective way to build your client list. It’s important to put together a sales plan to make sure you’re actively engaging with potential clients to bring them on board.

Advertising doesn’t work

Again, this is false. Marketing is just as important as sales because they go hand-in-hand. Marketing is part of the journey to making a sale. Make sure you put together a plan and revisit it each month to see what does and doesn’t work.

You can train anyone

You’re a personal trainer, not a miracle worker. Each personal trainer has their own personality and workout style, so it pays to know who to target. You could be better suited for post-natal women who are looking to work around their new-borns, or you may be the perfect person to motivate people who only have half an hour between work to get exercise. Take some time to think about your strengths and who would benefit from them the most.

Anyone is a potential client

As we just said, you cannot simply train anyone. And it’s not just about which client is best for you. You need to be good for them too. You need to be able to adapt to different circumstances, but it’s important to know just how far you can adapt your training styles. If you cannot provide a full service for someone, they will likely find someone else after a few sessions.

Clients just want Personal Training

Your client is looking for more than someone to tell them what workout they should do. If they only wanted that, they would simply join a fitness class. Your clients are turning to you for advice, empathy, motivation and much more. You are there to show them their progress over time, help them gain control and allow them to trust that they are capable of sticking to a plan.

Be the best personal trainer with Fit2Train

We hope this helps clear up many of the common myths you may have heard regarding pursuing a career in personal training. If you think you’re ready to gain your qualifications to provide a fantastic PT service, look no further than Fit2Train. Email us at to learn more about our selection of courses.

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