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Tips for Staying Cool During Hot Workouts

May 14, 2019

After a few weeks of wind and rain, we are finally seeing the sun! As great as it is for your weekend off, it can pose quite a challenge when exercising. Though our bodies are designed to cool when it gets too warm, it’s not an instant process, especially during times of fitness. With this in mind, here are some tips for staying cool during hot workouts.

Stay hydrated

It should go without saying, but you cannot work out without staying hydrated. Not only is it essential for exercise, but it can prevent heatstroke, so don’t forget your water bottle and keep it topped up whenever you can. Perhaps plan your workout somewhere you know has water fountains or invest in a hydration belt to hold an extra bottle.

Sports drinks in moderation

Sports drinks are good for replacing electrolytes. However, we cannot forget the high sugar count. This can lead to a spike in energy levels, leading to early fatigue, especially on hot days. Citrus fruits are a great alternative if you find yourself a little bit too reliant on sports drinks, but you should really make water your main focus.

Time your workouts strategically

Temperatures are often cooler early in the morning or after dinner time. These times would probably be best if you want to get a good workout without the harsh heat from the sun dragging you down!

Get plenty of rest

Ever felt more tired when you’re really warm? This feeling would be even worse if you don’t get enough sleep! Rest is essential, including days off to catch up, so be sure to allow yourself enough time to unwind so that you’re ready for the next day of exercise!

Make a splash

Swimming is a great way to keep cool while working out, but it may not be an option for everyone. Depending on what you can carry around, consider bringing a small cooler with cold wet flannels that you can use to keep the body cool. If this isn’t possible, simply splash your face with water at regular intervals!

Sun cream is essential

Use a one with a high SPF to keep your skin properly protected from the sun!

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