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I Feel I Could Be a Good Fitness Instructor, But What Would It Require?

March 3, 2021

Having a handle on your own personal fitness is a great overall motivator and having the will to try and aid others in their fitness goals through your own knowledge is a fantastic career choice. This is a great reason to train to become a personal trainer.

It is one of the personal rewards to see a client get into better shape mentally and physically, and that alone is worthy of undertaking fitness instructor courses Cardiff. There are however other attributes that you need to bring to the table to complete the overall package.

The Three P’s

If you are wanting to succeed in your desire to learn to be a fitness instructor, you are going to have to provide three important factors; be Professional, be Prepared and be Punctual.

When you take on clients you have to be prepared to meet their needs, because if you are late for a session it can greatly affect their momentum they have had to build up. That in turn reflects negatively on you and could result in them wanting someone more punctual when it comes to their fitness needs. The most important point is to never keep them waiting and to show up prepared. Have a routine planned out, and if a client is suffering from an injury to a joint or body part that you planned to work on, have a backup plan for an alternative workout in the wings.

Lastly, remember that they are paying for your time so be sure that no mobile phone messages, calls or texts suddenly jump into time. Look good, dress appropriately and limit the conversation outside of the workout.

Advance Your Learning

If you want to be at the top of the class for personal training courses Cardiff then you will have to understand that you will continue to learn constantly.

Your intended job is about educating people on new ways to get in shape, so that means you will always have to have knowledge at your disposal. In those times when a client wants to ask you about nutrition or weight management, you will not be able to do a quick Google search around them. They expect you to know then and there, after all that is what they pay you for.

There are always new courses to take as products, qualifications and routines advance so in order to advance your career further you should be open to continuous learning.


The key to success is your ability to understand and communicate with your clients.

Being verbal is not the only communicative method as you have to use body language, voice tone and use of easily understandable dialogue. You will need to suss out exactly what kind of communication your clients respond to and use that to gain towards their goals.

If pursuing a fitness instructor degree and learning to train to become a personal trainer is a passion you feel is right for you, talk with the team at Fit2Train about our Personal training courses Cardiff and personal training courses Plymouth.

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