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Training is Key to Combatting Winter Blues

November 26, 2021

Colder weather and lower light availability are two of the major things that affect a client’s body clocks and mood, which can see more of a struggle to keep them on the books throughout the darker months.

What can be the hardest thing to communicate to them is that exercise is key to beating the winter blues, as breaking from a routine to stay indoors and warm can lead to weight gain – especially over those tempting Christmas months where food comes in many weight gaining forms.

When we replace our physical stress with this, our bodies begin to suffer in the forms of injury, lack of motivation and burnout.

Modify Workouts

What is required and best advised for these clients is to simply modify their workout for this period so they understand the benefit of keeping on track. As physical sports and activities such as playing football or tennis will tend to die out over the colder months, so too will the desire for other activities.

Working with your client to identify what types of activities are being pushed off in their leisure and socialising calendar will help you to improve an adapted workout so you know which muscles will need focus.

Variety in your training regimen will also provide something quite inspirational for the client, informing them of the shift in regular training to compensate for other areas that are not getting the otherwise dedicated attention from sports and other activities that are being sacrificed for the return of a more satisfactory climate.

Eating Plans

As it gets colder, suddenly the temptation of food creeps in – with hot chocolate and sweets around the Christmas festivities threatening your steady diet needed for your fitness plan.

Around this time it is wise to plan towards the shift in the diet by restructuring a winter eating plan with the client, letting them know what can be substituted to best keep you on track whilst they enjoy a little festive celebration and snacking.

Prepare for the January Gym Returns

Whilst this is the season for people giving up on workouts and dedicated planning, many already set that notion of getting into the gym for that January return.

This is the perfect time for getting an advantage on those people who have the idea of booking into the gym but are destined not to see it through. By forming a relationship or even offering a referral service to your existing clients, you can form a good bond with prospective gym visitors who would be more inclined to dedicate themselves to a personal trainer working with them – especially if you plan on starting a January outside fitness class.

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