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March 10, 2022

What makes a great personal trainer? There are plenty of opportunities in the world of health and fitness and you are not going to be the only one figuring out how to be a success in this career field. It takes a lot of commitment to be regarded as one of the best, and it takes a lot of character building to run alongside your expertise to become a part of that elite group.

When you kickstart your career in fitness by gaining qualifications through either personal training courses Cardiff or fitness instructing courses Plymouth, you gain the qualifications that enable you to work in the profession – but having some extra qualities certainly reinforces your standing.

Patience is a Key Skill

There is no set personal trainer personality set in stone, but some traits certainly play a large role in your success as someone who wants to make this a thriving business venture. The first one is the ability to be patient – which can be hard when you are a get-up and go individual.

It is your clients who will stop and start when it comes to their training, some struggling with motivation and others who will be impatient in not seeing results as quickly as they want to see them. They will also come in all ages and abilities, with different personalities, goals and motivations – and they will not all be able to fit the same routine model. Some will not listen as well as others, some will not stick to their training plan outside of your sessions and all will wonder why they are not succeeding when they do.

This takes a lot of patience in finding a way of working that not only suits them but shows the results. Creating tailored programs that clients can stick to takes patience, but it is a very important quality.

Being Clear

The belief that you have to be overly outgoing as a personal trainer is nothing more than an overblown stereotype. PTs have many different types of personalities, including introverts.

Good communication skills are very important to the role though, being able to communicate at all times in face to face situations, but also through emails, phone calls and text messages also.

Communication in the role is essential for interactions between yourself and your clients. Without it, you cannot effectively instruct clients how to perform exercises, understand the goals, carry out gym inductions or even sell to prospective clients. More importantly, it builds trust and confidence with your clients for long-term loyalty to succeed as a personal trainer.


Perhaps the most important quality is the ability to be flexible. Flexibility, problem-solving and quick decision making are essential when it comes to personal fitness because things can change at the drop of a hat.

Everything from a client cancelling last minute to a client suddenly coming down with an injury will require you to be quick to act upon the situation and handle things for them.

For more information on what makes a great personal trainer, personal trainer courses Plymouth and fitness instructing courses Cardiff, contact the team at Fit2train today.

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