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What People Look For in a Personal Trainer

August 4, 2021

We know and understand why we undertake the personal training courses Cardiff to transfer our love of fitness into a career, but do we think about our potential clients and their thoughts as they may wonder what to look for in a personal trainer.

It’s easy just to think they are looking for a certified individual who works on a 1-to-1 basis to achieve fitness goals, but there are going to be certain aspects that will be looked for that make you the perfect partner for helping them achieve their fitness goals.

Naturally, they will want a designed fitness programme specifically tailored to their needs, and they can be structured through gym sessions, home-based or even online depending on their preference. How you choose to work may not align with their requirements, so being adaptable to their needs is going to be of strong importance.

With the fitness sector ever-growing, and more and more people seeking to turn their fitness love into a successful career, you will need to be sure that you have the right attitude, structure and work ethic to meet the demand.

The Online Search

The main sourcing of a personal trainer will come from online searches, usually for ones that are close to the client’s whereabouts. Although this is convenient, it does not mean they are perfect for the job.

When you are preparing your online presence, you need to take into consideration that some clients will want to be specific, so you should ensure to provide them with the relevant information they would be requesting – even if that means providing them with an online contact or chat option to quickly answer any questions. Some clients may look at personal trainers for quick weight loss or training for an upcoming run event. Once completing personal training courses Cardiff, addressing these areas as specialisms, you stand a much better chance of getting them hooked to hiring you.


Many gyms have a pool of personal trainers to hand, but that does not mean you cannot get into this area yourself.

Forming a partnership with a gym, or activity classes such as dance studios or yoga classes can be something as simple as advertising within their building or having a full-on partnership with whoever runs the classes. It could be mutually beneficial for both parties as you all focus on making the body healthy and active. You could even be called upon to guest host a class to provide some insight into exercise or recovery.

Word of Mouth

A recommendation is worth a thousand business cards, so whenever you have a happy client be sure to ask them to recommend you through online sources such as Google reviews, or Facebook page ratings, even writing a testimonial. You can even offer a session discount if a friend takes their recommendation.

Of course what you have to remember is that the work you put into someone’s health is not the same as someone else’s, and your reputation with one client can be affected if you mishandled the referral. So knowing what to look for in a personal trainer is key for potential clients, as they need to feel comfortable around you.

Personal trainer courses Plymouth can provide you with all the qualifications to be the best at the job, and a few quick-thinking motions towards spreading your client growth can benefit your transition into full-time training for clients.

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