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Which is better for Fat Loss: Weight Training or Cardio?

February 7, 2020

A common question you will likely hear from your clients is whether weights or cardio is better for fat loss. Of course, as a PT, you will know that the answer isn’t so simple. But how can you help your clients understand this in detail? We can help! Keep reading to see our advice which exercise is best for fat loss.

Which is best for Fat Loss: Weight Training or Cardio?

Your clients might be surprised to know that both are necessary for fat loss and that their diet should also play a role here. Bringing all three together makes the perfect recipe for a smooth fat loss journey.

Burning calories

The first thing to think about is finding out which exercise is best for fat loss, is to know which exercise burns the most calories? Though it would be easy to assume that cardio is the best option, it doesn’t burn as many calories as you’d expect. Both cardio and weight training contribute to caloric expenditure and energy balance.

The wonderful thing about weight training…

Energy balance is crucial for overall body composition improvements. But thinking about calories alone can lead to the dismissal of other areas, such as toning. Though it is great for building muscle, it is a crucial tool in sculpting our bodies. This goes hand in hand with fat loss. Dieting to remove body fat makes sense but must be done with toning to be effective.

So, what about cardio?

Cardio is an additional way to boost fat loss in line with the dieting process. If the diet and weight training are on point, cardio will certainly be the cherry on top! It provides a notable amount of caloric expenditure when your diet is already working its magic.

Eating more and doing more cardio

One common misconception people make is that the more cardio you do, the more you can eat. The truth of the matter is that you would probably be in the gym for a very long time trying to make up for what you have eaten!

So, weights or cardio?

It’s clear to see that no exercise form is truly effective on its own. A combination of weights, cardio and a healthy diet is necessary for efficient fat loss. Hopefully, this guide will help you explain this to your clients in a way that makes them see the value of their fitness journey.

Before you can give them this advice, however, you need the best qualifications. With a range of courses from Fit2Train, you can provide your clients with a valuable service. Email us at to learn more about our courses available from entry-level two up-to advanced level four.

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