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Working with Client Injuries

September 6, 2021

When dedicating your career to one of personal fitness, you will be presented with clients of all shapes and sizes, as well as those with differing mental attitudes towards their fitness goals. One client that takes a lot more planning and care are those recovering from injuries who will require a tailored and more cautious exercise plan. Working out with an injury can prove extremely difficult, as mentally your client will want to get back into full health and fitness, but their body may have certain limits that you will be responsible for ensuring they do not pass.

Getting these clients back into the game safely can be achieved in several ways in preparation for the task ahead.


When it comes to working around an injury, nothing can be taken for granted. Your client may even be putting a brave face on or showing foolish pride against how serious it is. This is something you will learn about in personal training courses Cardiff.

With no two injuries the same, having a detailed conversation with your client about everything to do with the injury, from the cause to the state of recovery to their doctor’s advice around it greatly helps in determining what movement of the delicate area is safe and comfortable. It can have effects on not just the bone or tendon, but also the ligament or connective tissue, so make sure that you both are fully in the know over the injury enables you to structure the safest possible fitness plan to work with.


It is important to take things slow and steady with basic exercises that focus on simple, careful movements. To support the injury, the focus will be on strengthening the muscles around the injury so that repeat problems in the area are reduced in risk.

Whilst most clients will feel compelled to push themselves harder to get past this basic step, you must keep them focused on the risks and why you are working at this stage. As the client improves, so can the work including upping reps and intensity. You will learn this when completing personal training courses Plymouth


If your client’s injury was caused by playing a particular sport or activity, you can help to rebuild not just their confidence but their drive by tailoring the exercises around that activity.

By focusing the exercises and stretches around something they are passionate about, they will feel more driven and discover that their technique is set to improve due to the work being put in. This also helps to reduce the same injury when they return to their activity of choice.

Stay at Ease

These kinds of clients will take time in getting to their fitness goals, and their recovery is a gradual process. This means that both abilities in fitness and mental areas will need to keep at ease.

When working out with an injury, there will be days of frustration for the client, so always be ready to answer the tough questions and showcase their results to show them how far they are progressing and what the end goal is.

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